Oktober-Dezember 2021




Das Museum GADAGNE (Lyon/Frankreich) beauftragt Roman Kroke mit vier künstlerischen Rundgängen durch das historische Stadtviertel “Croix-Rousse”.

Während der zweistündigen Führungen tauchen die BesucherInnen in Krokes künstlerisches Universum ein und entdecken, wie er die Geschichte des Viertels über die Seidenweber metaphorisch mit seinen Projekten über den Schutz der Ozeane, Klimawandel und nachhaltige Entwicklung verbindet.

    Profil des Rundgangs (FR)

Englische Übersetzung des Tourprofils:

“In my water weaver’s brain, the borders between history, the present and the future are permeable. Their narrative threads are intertwining, fertilising each other. I think this state of mind came over me the day I left my former job as a lawyer in Berlin … to immerse myself in my life’s passion: the Arts. Since then, sitting in my weaver’s shuttle transformed into a space pirogue, I navigate between times.

When I arrived in Lyon in 2017, I fell directly under the torrential rains and the historic flood of 31 May 1856! Carried away by these watery whirlpools, my shuttle was thrown onto the slopes of the Croix Rousse district, where I installed my art studio. The tamed rain strings still serve my charcoal as liquid lines, amalgamated with the sonorous threads of the cries of the canuts in revolt, to tackle the challenges of our contemporary social fabric…”

Let yourself be guided, for the time of a stroll, by Roman’s eye and artistic sensitivity. Discover or rediscover through his storytelling a district of the city whose matrix (traboules, buildings of canuts, …) feeds his daily life as an artist, which has become his metaphorical loom for transforming the experiences of his current projects: a crossing of the Pacific Ocean on board of a scientific vessel, an art workshop in the heart of the Belarusian forests in the footsteps of the Jewish Bielski partisans, …

Roman invites you to take a side trip in his company to meet the inhabitants of today and of yesteryear, ending the trip in the intimate universe of his art studio.

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Thema Art & Science, Art meets Science, Culture of Remembrance
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