25 May - 8 July 2019

Research-Expedition, Pacific Crossing (Mexico via Sinapour)



An international collective of scientists (Stockholm University; Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig/DE; …) has mandated Roman Kroke to accompany them as an artistic mediator during their expedition on the research vessel Sonne crossing the Pacific Ocean from Mexcio to Singapore (May-July 2019). His work will comprise the following tasks:

- creating artistic transformations and visual supports (drawings, photos, videos, …) mediating the research topics to a broader scientific and (non-scientific). Kroke’s artistic transformations will also integrate philosophical and literary sources on topics such as ecological concsiousness, sustainable development or poetic approaches to the element of water.

- helping the research team to disseminate this information via diverse channels of communication (web, blogs, social media)

- directing workshop-trainings for the scientists aiming at exploring and experimenting with new approaches of communicating their research to a broader public

- developping an interdisciplinary workshop concept allowing participants of diverse backgrounds (general public, students, …) to learn about the scientific topics dealt with during the expedition.

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Topic Art & Science, Art meets Science
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