30 May - 5 July 2019

Research-Expedition, Pacific Crossing (Vancouver – Singapour)



The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Leipzig/DE) has mandated Roman Kroke to accompany an international collective of scientists as an artistic mediator during their expedition on the research vessel SONNE crossing the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver (Canada) to Singapore (May-July 2019). His work will comprise the following tasks:

- creating artistic transformations and visual supports (drawings, photos, …) mediating the research topics to a broader scientific and (non-scientific). Kroke’s artistic transformations will also integrate philosophical and literary sources on topics such as ecological concsiousness, sustainable development or poetic approaches to the element of water.

- Writing of the Travel-BLOG and photo-documentation via INSTAGRAM

- helping the research team to disseminate this information via diverse channels of communication (web, blogs, social media)

- directing workshop-trainings for the scientists aiming at exploring and experimenting with new approaches of communicating their research to a broader public

- developping an interdisciplinary workshop concept allowing participants of diverse backgrounds (general public, students, …) to learn about the scientific topics dealt with during the expedition.

        Previous projects by Roman Kroke about plastic pollution

        Official Cruise Report of the expedition

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Topic Art & Science, Art meets Science
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