30 May - 5 July 2019

EXPEDITION: Pacific Ocean Crossing (Vancouver/CAN – Singapour)



The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Leipzig/DE) mandated Roman Kroke to accompany an international collective of scientists as an artistic mediator during their expedition on the research vessel SONNE crossing the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver (Canada) to Singapore (May-July 2019). During the expedition Roman Kroke realized a number of participative installations, involving the scientists and the ship’s crew. For instance, in the installation “Lift to the Ocean Bed” he attached two of his canvasses to the “legs” of the Multicorer, a scientific sampling instrument, which thus travelled over 5000 meter deep to the Pacific Ocean ground. During their “lift” they were firstly soaked with all segments of the water column; arriving at the sea bed, they then “postmarked” the sediments into their linen fabric. The water column and the sediments were at the same time subject to the scientific reseearch realised on bord (microplastic, meiofauna). These canvasses, thus enriched by “material stories” (German pedagogic concept of “Stoffgeschichten”), shall become part of Roman Kroke’s future installation BIOUNITY PUZZLE (planned for 2020). During the trip he also produced a number of “Readymades” which have since been presented, among others, in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad/Serbia:

    Installations & Readymades

In total, Roman Kroke’s mandate during the expedition comprised the following tasks:

- Creating artistic transformations (installations, drawings, videos, photos, …) mediating the research topics to a broader scientific and (non-scientific) public. Kroke’s artistic transformations will also integrate philosophical and literary sources on topics such as ecological concsiousness, sustainable development or poetic approaches to the element of water.

- Writing of poetic-scientific articles for the official Expedition-Blog of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research: BLOG

- Helping the research team to disseminate this information via diverse channels of communication (web, blogs, social media)

- Directing workshop-trainings for the scientists aiming at exploring and experimenting with new approaches of communicating their research to a broader public

- Developping an interdisciplinary workshop concept allowing participants of diverse backgrounds (general public, students, …) to learn about the scientific topics dealt with during the expedition.


        Previous projects by Roman Kroke about plastic pollution

        Official Cruise Report of the expedition

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