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INSIDE-STORY: Resurrection of my left drawing hand

Left hand revival


During the Covid-19 pandemic, I implemented a long-standing wish to bring my left hand back to life. Being born left-handed, I had buried it at the age of five after my grandmother had told me: “If you keep drawing with your left hand, the left side of your face will rot …” (!).

I spent three months alone exclusively studying lines to sensitize the long-neglected hand to the different nuances of pressure sensitivity.

In November, the “awakened Snow White” was able to prove itself for the first time in a commissioned work: The sketch “Temple of Consumption” (charcoal/paper, 40×60 cm, see photo) for my artistic excursions commissioned by the Gadagne Museum (Lyon/FR, 2021), a metaphor for the consumption of resources. The Lyon gastronomic icon “Mère Brazier” (1895-1977), 2. Franz Kafka’s short story “A Hunger Artist” (1922), 3. my experimental exploration of our oxygen consumption via freediving.


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