Working Projects 2022

Continuation of developping the diverse elements of my multi-media installations (process art), through which I have now been continuously working on the topics  “Plastic pollution of the Oceans – Sustainable Development – Biodiversity” since 2017; this will in particular comprise the modeling of the extensive material gathered during my last two research travels: a 6-week crossing of the Pacific Ocean on board of the German reserach vessel SONNE from Vancouver to Singapore (May-July 2019); Freediving with whale-sharks in cooperation with marine biologists of the NGO LAMAVE at their research statinon in Pintuyan/Philippines (Jan./Feb. 2020). For the moment, a detailed description of the four main working areas is available in German (the English video documentation is currently being updated).

The photo slideshow in the background documents Krokes research on the central HEXAGON-metaphor as well as some of the unique workings materials gathered during his crossing of the Pacific Ocean on board of the the German research vessel SONNE (e. g. sediment and water samples from the ocean ground, oxidated iron from the body of the ship). An important part of the 2022 project is to develop techniques which will allow him to work these materials into the canvasses previously prepared during the installation LIFT TO THE OCEAN BED.