9-13 septembre 2019

EXPOSITION: Festa del Paesaggio, Montalcino (IT)


Installation et présentation de Roman Kroke dans le cadre du festival interdisciplinaire LA FESTA DEL PAESAGGIO à Montalcino (IT), organisé par OCRA – Officina Creativa dell’Abitare.

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Microplastics and Chameleons – poetic expeditions into H₂O and climate change

How may experimental storytelling nourish and revitalise mankind’s bond towards everyday objects and the environment we live in thus fostering concepts of ecological consciousness and sustainable development? In 2019, the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Leipzig/Germany) mandated Roman Kroke to accompany an international collective of scientists as an artistic mediator during their expedition on the research vessel SONNE crossing the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver/Canada to Singapore (May-July 2019). Resonating with the working universes of the scientists – plastic pollution of the oceans and aerosols/greenhouse gases – Kroke’s research has been devoted to three classical elements of Greek philosophy: earth, water and air. In pursuit of the above key question, Kroke’s focus consisted in exploring metaphorical transformations linked to the poetry of plastic and earth-water-air interfaces. In his lecture and exhibition he will present his current research universe – a work in progress – displaying sketches, photos, videos, sound-fragments as well as diverse materials produced in the course of the expedition. In this context, he will also provide an insight into the research following the cruise during which he further deepened his exploration of cross-border pioneering between the elements air, water and earth through freediving training in the Philippines.

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