Adolf Reichwein

“The Dance of Resistance”

Adolf Reichwein, a biography in movement (1898-∞)

by Roman Kroke

In 2014-2015, the Adolf Reichwein Association entrusted Kroke with creating an artistic approach to the biography of the German pedagogue and resistance fighter Adolf Reichwein (1898-1944).

On the basis of the Reichwein-Archives (located at the Research Library for the History of Education Berlin), Roman Kroke created the drawing “The Dance of Resistance”. The central metaphors of this artwork are rooted in the area of dance & artistry, in particular the concept of movement and flexibility, in a physical as well as psychological context. Roman Kroke presented this artwork on two conferences at the Museum of European Cultures Berlin (December 2015 and 2016) and, as part of the “Meet-Art” programm, at the École de commerce Emilie-Gourd in Geneva (2015).

On the basis of this artwork Kroke has elaborated an interdisciplinary workshop concept which had its “première” in cooperation with the State School for Ballet and Artistry Berlin; the project has been sponsored by: German Resistance Memorial Centre, Centre for Civic Education Berlin, Adolf-Reichwein Association, Research Library for the History of Education Berlin. The second workshop Roman Kroke realized for the Berlin University of the Arts (2015) where students from diverse disciplines (painting, dance, visual communication, fashion design, music, architecture, …) transformed Reichweins biography into artistic creations.

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