16 October 2014

Exhibition: “The Dance of Resistance” – Adolf Reichwein, a biography in movement (1898-∞)

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The exhibition presents the students’ artworks created during Kroke’s pilot workshop about the German pedagogue and resistance fighter Adolf Reichwein (1898-1944). The première of this interdisciplinary workshop took place on 9./10 October 2014 in cooperation with the State School for Ballet and Artistry Berlin.

Special thanks to our Sponsors: The German Resistance Memorial Centre, the Berlin Centre for Political Education, the Adolf-Reichwein-Association e. V., the Research Library for the History of Education (DIPF), the friends’ associations of the State School for Ballet and Artistry Berlin, as well as private sponsors.

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  Invitation Flyer

Kroke elaborated the workshop concept on the basis of his own artwork on behalf of the Adolf-Reichwein-Association: In 2014 the association entrusted him with creating an exhibition which reflects upon the biography of Adolf Reichwein. The exhibition will display an artistic approach including a series of illustrations. Central metaphors of Kroke’s artwork will have their origins in the universe of dance and artistry, such as the concept of flexibility & resistance on the physical as well as the spiritual level.

  “The Dance of Resistance” (work in process)

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