The Leak

“The Leak”

In December 2022, Roman Kroke submitted his text “The Leak” for the Storyteller Writing Grant of the Save our Seas Foundation (jury decision still in process). The text is of a hybrid genre, a fictional-realistic feature about ocean conservation. The plot is nourished by diverse sources:

- Roman’s Pacific Ocean crossing on board of the research vessel SONNE: Deep sea mining (manganese nodules), see his expedition blog “Flatshare in the Microcosm”.

- His research stays in the Philippines: at the LAMAVE field station in Pintuyan devoted to the study of whale sharks – in cooperation with the KASAKA organisation, a group of former fishermen who, due to their visual expertise at sea, are assisting LAMAVE’s marine biologists as “spotters” to locate the whale sharks ; the T’nalak dream weaving tradition; coral reef nursery projects; freediving training in Bohol.

- The historical legacy of the silkweavers in Roman’s district of the city Lyon (France) – his art studio is actually located in a former silk weaver apartment. For the Museum Gadagne (the historical Museum of Lyon), Roman had developed the artistic tour “The Water Weaver”,  creating a bond between “city people” and marine conservation issues.

- The decisive trigger for Roman’s storyline was his head injury suffered by accidentally hitting the granite door frame of his art studio (August 2021).

While the jury’s decision is still underway the text is “under seal” but you may take a look at some of Roman’s quick sketches created while elaborating the storyline.