May 2017

Interdisciplinary Project « We will have woven … » (Art – History – Philosophy)

Les Tisserands


The artwork « Les Tisserands » (The Weavers) by Soizic Salaün – created during the workshop « We will have woven … – conjugating memory in future perfect | on the traces of Jankiel Fensterszab (1898-1944) », directed by Roman Kroke (Mai 2017). Soizic’s artwork was inspired by one of the main metaphors of the workshop  – the metaphor of the « Tisserands » (Weavers) – developed by Roman Kroke on the basis of the book « Les Tisserand : réparer ensemble le tissu déchiré du monde » (2016) by Abdennour Bidar.

The interdisciplinary workshop (art/history/philosophy) was realised in partnership with the Académie de Versailles as part of the European project « Convoi 77 ».

       Video « Les Tisserands »

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