14-18 December 2015

Exhibition “Le Ch@teau de Sables”, Prison Fleury-Mérogis (France)



The association Lire C’est Vivre, which coordinates the eight libraries in Europe’s larges prison (Fleury-Mérogis/France) since 1987, had invited the Berlin artist Roman Kroke to lead an art-workshop for detainees. The project took place during 5 days in August 2015. The exhibition presents the artworks created during the workshop. Location : Centre Social des Hautes Garennes, 32 rue Gustave Flaubert, 91120 Palaiseau (France).

During the workshop 21 prisoners had created artworks (sculptures, collages, paintings) using books as their main working material. Their creations were inspired by proverbs and citations from around the world referring to the metaphor of the “book” and the “library”. The project was conducted in coopartion with the Highschool Charles Péguy: students from that school had sent personalized books to the prison which the participants of the workshop then integrated into their artworks.

The project was supported by the French Ministries of Justice and Cultural Affairs.

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