September 2021

WORKSHOP: “LIVING MEMORIALS”, Naliboki Forest (Belarus)

Workshop Belarus 2021


In his role as the pedagogic and artistic coordinator of the international project LIVING MEMORIALS, Roman Kroke travelled to Belarus where he gave lectures and led an interdisciplinary workshop in the middle of the primary Naliboki Forest. Participants: Teachers, students, researchers, historians, artists. Topic: The history of the Jewish Bielski Partisans whose story received worldwide attention through Edward Zwick’s movie Defiance (2008), with James Bond 007 actor Daniel Craig portraying the Jewish partisan commander Tuvia Bielski.

The project was funded by the EVZ Foundation and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany as part of the program YOUNG PEOPLE REMEMBER.

   Documentation of the Artworks

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Topic Culture of Remembrance, The Bielski Brothers, Holocaust, Teacher trainings, Shoah, Lectures, Workshops
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