Workshops “Art – Philosophy”

Mottie the MothThe Mussel and the Sandhopper

  • Roman Kroke gives “visual lectures” about his two picture stories (see below) for primary schools. In Germany, these lectures are regularly sponsored by the Berlin Senate for Culture.
  • On the basis of his lectures, Roman Kroke leads artistic-philosopical workshops for children. Some of the philosophical topics treated artistically in these workshops:  Friendship, love, family, liberty, imagination & reality, …The Berlin Senate (Department of Education, Science and Reserach) has repeatedly distinguished these projects due to their model character as part of so-called  « Best-Practice » exhibitions.
  • According to the wishes of his partners, Roman Kroke works in English, French and/or German.
  • He has given teacher-trainings in Germany for the Berlin Senate and, in Switzerland, for the Haute École Pédagogique BEJUNE (Bienne).

Age group: 6-11 years

Working materials (inter alia):